51st State

Lenora’s Line

Posted by azi on February 8, 2006

The state’s Independence Party dissolved the Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx county committees this weekend because of their relationship with Lenora Fulani.

Still in tact are the county committees in Staten Island and Manhattan. The latter has two special elections coming up on Feb. 28th.

UWS assembly candidate Mike Lupinacci defended his cross-endorsement from the Independence Party (who is running on his own New Leadership line).

“I don’t hold it against Democrats that Strom Thurmond was a Democrat,” he said.

Lenora and Strom. What a pair.


8 Responses to “Lenora’s Line”

  1. anonymous said

    Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx were not county committees, they were party-created organizations, which is why they could be dissolved. Manhattan and Staten Island have “elected” county committees that could not be touched as easily. Staten Island is only partly under Fulani control and may be shaken up soon. Manhattan is hopeless until the September primaries.

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