51st State

Stonewall Live

Posted by azi on February 8, 2006

There is a new blog in town, from the people who brought you that great Cuomo Not the Homo exchange recently.

The blog is run by the Stonewall Democratic Club and is part of their new site (which also has a helpful calendar). They’ve also J. Lo’ed their name: In their most recent newsletter, they’ve begun referring to themselves simply as SDNYC.

Although Stonewall, the club already endorsed Eliot Spitzer and a few other candidates, their blog doesn’t appear to be an echo chamber for them. In fact, in light of how the club reacted to the unscheduled appearance by the only gay statewide candidate,  Sean Patrick Maloney, this new blog sounds like it’ll provide a fair and balanced view of  gay politics.

Welcome aboard.


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