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Special High School Math

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

More students got invitations this year to attend the city’s specialized high schools compared to last year, the Dept. of Ed happily reported on Friday.

But new to the group of specialized high schools is Staten Island Technical High School, which wasn’t considered special last year.

This year, 5,553 students were offered spots in seven schools. Last year, 4,964 students were offered spots in six schools. So, comparing the size of this years class and last years is, umm, a math no-no.

LaGuardia, a performing arts school, was not factored into these numbers.

Update: Math Explained

After inquiring, a Dept. of Ed spokesman explained that last year, 3,257 kids were accepted to five of the specialized high schools, compared to 3,515 this year. The sixth school, newly specialized Staten Island, accepted 356.

But the biggest increase in acceptance came from the most selective school, Stuyvesant. Last year, they accepted 233 kids. This year, 992. The Dept. of Ed spokesman explained that since last years class was so small, there was a one-time increase for this year. Included in that 992 figure are 10th graders who’ve been accepted. 

So there you have it.


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