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Attn. Hillary, You May Have a Race Too

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

KT McFarland, the Republican congressional candidate on Manhattan’s East Side has some “going interest” in running for Senate, her campaign said today.
I first mentioned this in my profile of her campaign consult Ed Rollins a few months ago.

When I asked “why not run her for Senate,” Rollins replied, “I talked about it today with her at lunch.” That was when Ed Cox and Jeanine Pirro were still running.
Now, that lunch chatter has found its way into an Albany Times Union piece.

McFarland, a former Regean aide with foreign policy experience, seems like a more formidable challenger for Hillary than John Spencer, the former mayor of Yonkers. But Spencer seemed ready to sow up Conservative Party support, making him the first candidate that Republicans and Conservatives agreed on.

O well.


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