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Hillary Loses in Tasini Poll

Posted by azi on February 8, 2006

Here is the new site for 51st State. No walkout updates. Sorry.

In other news…

Hillary may have a cakewalk for re-election, but she has some campaigning to do with the Working Families Party.

51st State obtained an email from John Tasini, Hillary’s opponent on the left, where he claims victory in a “non-binding, informal poll” he conducted at the party’s Feb. 4th meeting in Albany.

The results, Tasini says, are:

Tasini: 40

Clinton: 21

Absentations: 2

A WFP spokesman emailed over the following dismissal:

“There was no poll conducted during the WFP’s state committee meeting. It’s hard to tell what to make of a candidate and his canvassers stopping random people in a hotel lobby. Perhaps tellingly, At least 75% of the party members attending our state committee meeting did not participate in this campaign exercise, which was solely conducted by the candidate without the consent or authorization of the Party. The results are utterly meaningless as an indication of actual WFP member sentiment towards the Senate race.


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