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Women Are Better Than Men in Politics

Posted by azi on February 20, 2006

Especially on domestic issues, according to today’s Siena poll of 1,120 registered voters in 50 states. (No one from the 51st State was surveyed.) Progressive, but still domestic.

But on foreign policy and commander-in-chief issues, more than half the people surveyed said there would be no difference between a male and female president.

Would that change if male/female were replaced with names of actual males and females? The survey doesn’t go that far, but it did ask if Laura, Hillary and Condi should run.

Sorry Laura. 81% said no. Hillary’s numbers dipped a bit from 2005, but she’s still above 50%. As for Condi, she jumped 6 points, but hasn’t broken 50% yet. But the rise in Condi’s “should run” numbers seem attached to the growing notion that Hillary’s will actually run.

Glad to see one woman’s success helping another.
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