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Almost Back

Posted by azi on February 21, 2006

This site is almost back in action.

I’m taking a week-long hiatus to work on an obscure side project that will put this site on hold temporarily. Exactly how long? Who knows.
In the meantime, enjoy this rant on Daily Gotham about Vito Lopez and wait for the excitement at the annual Queens County GOP dinner this Friday, hosted by Mike Bloomberg’s favorite State Senator, Serph Maltese.


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No Hablo with Addabbo?

Posted by azi on February 8, 2006

Whoever in Mike’s office is whispering about Joe Addabbo‘s possible senatorial race hasn’t told him about it yet. (Which is okay because Joe doesn’t seem to mind.)

In fact, the whole scuttlebutt about this race is based on Mike’s problem with Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and Senator Serph Maltese, Joe said.

When asked if that made him a pawn, Joe replied, “I would be a pawn if I said I’m running. and I’m not going to do that [yet].”

Speaking of pawns and pieces, Addabbo’s longtime chief of staff Frank Gulluscio has taken a new job as District Manager of Community Board 6 located…in Serph’s district. Hmmmm.

Joe said the move was made two weeks ago, before he learned of his rumored race against Serph from a Times reporter.

Somebody call this guy.

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Bart Haggerty with Serph, Sorta [updated]

Posted by azi on February 8, 2006

Bart Haggerty, one of Mike’s key GOP allies in Queens is siding with Serph Maltese.

“I’m going to be supporting whomever is the Republican candidate,” he said. “Most important thing for Republicans is to make sure we maintain control of the Senate.”

Partisanship seems to be trumping revenge here.

“As much as I dislike Serph,” said Bart, “I don’t think taking him down solves anything.”

Comment Response
Bart, who is embroiled in a lawsuit and ongoing campaign to oust Serph as county leader, wanted two points made clearer. First, the headline didn’t indicate that Bart will support the Republican nominee, which may or may not be Serph. Secondly, Bart does not in any way, shape or form support Serph for re-election as county chair. Splitting hairs? Eh. By the way, who is Bart’s lawyer for that case against? Brooklyn Democratic Senator Martin Connor.

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