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Back in Business

Posted by azi on April 7, 2006

And at a new location:


Hopefully things run as smoothly there as they did for me here, here and here.

Let me know what you think:

email: apaybarah@nysun.com

aim: azipaybarah 


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Posted by azi on February 17, 2006

Sorry for the sporadic posting. I’m wrapping up some personal errands, including a much-delayed Valentine’s celebration.

Be back on Monday.

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Thanks for the Uncertainty

Posted by azi on February 16, 2006

The publisher who lead the “Freedom of the Press Week” almost 20 years ago after a Bronx newspaper was firebombed for defending Salman Rushdie is taking a slightly less outspoken position with the Danish cartoons.

That publisher, and my old boss, Mike Schenkler wrote in his column this week:

“We are not afraid; however, we are uncertain whether reprinting the cartoons serves any purpose but to inflame. We just don’t know at this moment.”

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Dean in Manhattan

Posted by azi on February 14, 2006

Stonewall has some information about Howard Dean’s off-the-record meeting with LGBT leaders in a Manhattan law firm yesterday.

Dean told the group he eliminated the job of Director of Lesbian and Gay Outreach at the Democratic National Committee to, as Stonewall puts it, “broaden the entire organization’s minority community outreach.”

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Attn. Hevesi

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

You might have a race after all.

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Conservative Highlights

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

Highlights from the Conservative Party meeting in Albany, courtesy of one talkative attendee:

Pat Manning called Eliot Spitzer Shelly Sliver‘s “lap dog”;

John Faso reiterated he is pro-life, despite some remarks earlier hinting to the contrary;

Bill Weld promised to run as a conservative, even if he doesn’t get the GOP line; and

Randy Daniels, despite his conservative platform, picked up as much support as Weld.

That attendee, who isn’t working on any races, said Weld “isn’t on the radar” of most conservatives. But with about 60% of conservative county leaders backing either Faso or Manning, Weld did score some points “for just showing up.”

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Spencer Denies, Thenk Links

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

On that snowed-out edition of Kirtzman and Co., John Spencer denied Karl Rove was getting involved in his senatorial campaign.

Yes he met Rove staffers, but Spencer said, “No and I don’t want to implicate Karl Rove in our race, or the White House…There’s nothing to be read into it that there is any commitment from the White House…”
So don’t read into anything, especially the New York Post article whose lede says Rove is “getting directly involved” in Spencer’s race.

In case you’d like to read into any of that, Spencer has that story on his website.

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Sutton for Cuomo

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

Percy Sutton will endorse Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General today on the steps of City Hall today.  This should do something to squash those lingering feelings from that 2002 race against H. Carl McCall.

But Percy’s solo endorsement today leaves open the question of where the two other Harlem titans, Charlie Rangel and David Dinkins?

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Calling Eastsiders

Posted by azi on February 10, 2006

What would a Friday night in February be without an automated phone call from a candidate, I mean politician?

This helpful 6:30 p.m. call came from Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, reminding folks on the East Side (even my dad!) about a Feb. 13th town hall meeting in the neighborhood.

How thoughtful.

Wonder if KT McFarland got one of those calls?

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Long’s Bro for Faso

Posted by azi on February 10, 2006

Queens Conservative Party leader Tom Long, whose brother Michael heads the state party, endorsed John Faso for governor today.

Unless there is some serious sibling rivalry, it looks like Faso should get the state party’s nod.

Full disclosure: Faso’s press person (who didn’t email about this) was my boss at one point. Even more disclosure. Faso and I went to the same high school in Queens, along with Andrew Cuomo, Charles Hynes, Ray Kelly and Ray Romano—at slightly different times.

(hat tip: John DeSio)

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