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The Runaround: Mike and George Miss Each Other

Posted by azi on February 15, 2006

5-9 a.m. Milano senior fellow Sharon Lerner starts the first of two reports on WNYC about affordable health care and childcare.

10 a.m. Tom Suozzi talks joins a Brookings Institute discussion in D.C. about First Suburbs.

10:30 a.m. Yvette Clarke and others storm the City Hall steps to condemn “bigoted” remarks made on Hot 97. Then, in a totally unrelated matter, calls for an investigation into payola schemes at radio stations.

11 a.m. In a case of sheer coincidence, Mike Bloomberg will make an announcement at a Battery Park restaurant at the exact same time George Pataki makes an announcement on Governor’s Island.   In case you forgot, Mike is fighting with Republicans in Albany, and Pataki is hoping people forget he is a Republican in Albany.

Also at 11 a.m. Bill Thompson (in a pre-mayoral move?) calls for property tax rebates for seniors.

11:30-12:45 Immigrants rights advocates march to City Hall. Wonder if Mike will be back by then?

4 p.m. Greg Meeks and others launch the Middle East Economic Partnership Caucus.


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I’d Rather be With Dick

Posted by azi on February 15, 2006

In case those longstem roses from the bodega on your corner didn’t go over well yesterday, try giving your loved one this bumper sticker, spotted by Ira Stoll: “I’d rather hunt with Dick Cheney than ride with Ted Kennedy.”

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Birthdays, Brides and Upgrades

Posted by azi on February 14, 2006

Happy birthday to mayor Mike, who turns 64 today. His public schedule includes remarks at a Valentine’s gala later tonight at the Rainbow room. Fun.

And for folks celebrating today’s other major holiday, here is something to enjoy: a bridal blog.

For the politically minded that need some attention today, here are sites for conservative dating, single liberal men, and everyone else.
As for this site, 51st State is celebrating its first week of, uh, freedom by tinkering with its design and posting on a slower than usual pace.

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Dean in Manhattan

Posted by azi on February 14, 2006

Stonewall has some information about Howard Dean’s off-the-record meeting with LGBT leaders in a Manhattan law firm yesterday.

Dean told the group he eliminated the job of Director of Lesbian and Gay Outreach at the Democratic National Committee to, as Stonewall puts it, “broaden the entire organization’s minority community outreach.”

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Attn. Hillary, You May Have a Race Too

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

KT McFarland, the Republican congressional candidate on Manhattan’s East Side has some “going interest” in running for Senate, her campaign said today.
I first mentioned this in my profile of her campaign consult Ed Rollins a few months ago.

When I asked “why not run her for Senate,” Rollins replied, “I talked about it today with her at lunch.” That was when Ed Cox and Jeanine Pirro were still running.
Now, that lunch chatter has found its way into an Albany Times Union piece.

McFarland, a former Regean aide with foreign policy experience, seems like a more formidable challenger for Hillary than John Spencer, the former mayor of Yonkers. But Spencer seemed ready to sow up Conservative Party support, making him the first candidate that Republicans and Conservatives agreed on.

O well.

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Attn. Hevesi

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

You might have a race after all.

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Conservative Highlights

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

Highlights from the Conservative Party meeting in Albany, courtesy of one talkative attendee:

Pat Manning called Eliot Spitzer Shelly Sliver‘s “lap dog”;

John Faso reiterated he is pro-life, despite some remarks earlier hinting to the contrary;

Bill Weld promised to run as a conservative, even if he doesn’t get the GOP line; and

Randy Daniels, despite his conservative platform, picked up as much support as Weld.

That attendee, who isn’t working on any races, said Weld “isn’t on the radar” of most conservatives. But with about 60% of conservative county leaders backing either Faso or Manning, Weld did score some points “for just showing up.”

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Special High School Math

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

More students got invitations this year to attend the city’s specialized high schools compared to last year, the Dept. of Ed happily reported on Friday.

But new to the group of specialized high schools is Staten Island Technical High School, which wasn’t considered special last year.

This year, 5,553 students were offered spots in seven schools. Last year, 4,964 students were offered spots in six schools. So, comparing the size of this years class and last years is, umm, a math no-no.

LaGuardia, a performing arts school, was not factored into these numbers.

Update: Math Explained

After inquiring, a Dept. of Ed spokesman explained that last year, 3,257 kids were accepted to five of the specialized high schools, compared to 3,515 this year. The sixth school, newly specialized Staten Island, accepted 356.

But the biggest increase in acceptance came from the most selective school, Stuyvesant. Last year, they accepted 233 kids. This year, 992. The Dept. of Ed spokesman explained that since last years class was so small, there was a one-time increase for this year. Included in that 992 figure are 10th graders who’ve been accepted. 

So there you have it.

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Money for Nothing?

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

It’s hard to imagine what Marc Landis will do with the $126,295.07 he has left over from his failed Assembly race on the Upper West Side.

The key may lay in Charles Simon and Mike Lupinacci (and even Tom Weiss, if he gets on the ballot).

If Linda Rosenthal, the establishment’s official candidate–complete with party backing and a New York Times endorsement–doesn’t win in convincing fashion this Feb. 28, it may make for an exciting November when she (or whoever wins that special election) is up for re-election.

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Life After the Council

Posted by azi on February 13, 2006

Leads to real estate, suggest Scoopy’s Notebook [third item].

“The buzz we’re hearing from his former staffers and others is that former City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Gifford Miller will go into real estate since his family is in the business.”

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